Three-room apartment

  • 77-86 sqm
  • €735,000-869,000
Living at the KunstWerk

Back to the
city – but still
loving the green space!

Viola and

Creative professionals, both 55 years old

When our children were younger we lived in a house on the outskirts of Hamburg. Now that they’ve left home we have decided to move closer to the city centre again. We particularly like all the green areas here, for example the rose garden off Elbchaussee, and the extensive cultural offerings. The ‘Thalia-Theater an der Gaußstrasse’ theatre is just ten minutes’ walk from the KunstWerk. Not to forget the fabulous walnut and maple pastries that we buy from ‘Zeit für Brot’ at the weekends, which are an absolute highlight.

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Four-room apartment

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